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Sat. May 25th, 2024

History, Purpose, and Benefits of Business

In the life of the community a lot of relationships are established both in the home, office, an area, even to the relationship between the State. Sometimes we need something in an area or Country either for travel, business or otherwise. Therefore we need a lot of information about the field of tourism in order to understand well the objectives, benefits and benefits that can be obtained in this field.

The purpose of tourism development are:

Increase foreign exchange earnings in particular and revenue of the State as well as society in general. Expanding opportunities and employment and encouraging the activities of supporting industries and other sideline industries.

  • Introducing the beauty of nature and culture.
  • Promoting national and international friendships or friendships.
  • Similarly, the benefits derived from the field of tourism include in various fields, namely economic, cultural, political, environmental, social and scientific values, opportunities and employment opportunities.

Economic benefits of tourism

Tourism produces large foreign exchange for the State so as to improve the economy of a State.

The benefits of tourism in terms of Culture

Bringing an understanding and understanding between cultures through the interaction of tourists with local communities where the tourist area is located. So from this interaction the tourists can recognize and appreciate the culture of the local community and also understand the background of local culture adopted by the community.

The benefits of tourism in terms of politics

Maintain international relations well, namely in terms of tourism development abroad. There will be a visit between nations as tourists as it is in the tourism archipelago, so it can give inspiration to always hold approach and mutual respect.

The benefits of tourism in terms of environment

Because a tourist attraction if you want to get a lot of visits from tourists should be kept clean so that the community together agreed to care for and maintain the environment or areas that serve as a tourist attraction.

The benefits of tourism in terms of social values and science

Having friends from various countries so they can know their habits and learn the good habits of their country. While in terms of science we can study tourism and can find out where the location and excellence of a tourist attraction so that it can apply in the area of our area tourism that has not been well developed.

The benefits of tourism in terms of opportunities and employment opportunities

Creating various employment opportunities, as well as establishing various businesses that can support the object of tourism to be better and interesting.

Those are some things about “Tourism” that have been discussed in detail and complete. So for the public or the readers who want to find out more information about “Tourism” can read this paper. And the knowledge gained from this paper can be applied in the surrounding community.

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