Billboard Connection Inc Franchise Review – A Complete Review

By lexutor Aug 6, 2022

Billboard Connection Inc Franchise Review – A Complete Review

If you have been considering approaching Billboard Connection for a franchise, then this Billboard Connection Inc Franchise review will help you make a conscious decision. Starting a franchise requires a considerable amount of investment and before investing your hard earned money in any kind of business opportunity, it would be important for you to clearly decide if it would be worth spending your money on. The review given here along with the basic information will provide you all the details that you want in order to make a clear decision.

Billboard Connection Inc Franchise Review

One of the most important factors that you will have to consider before you decide to invest in a franchise is a cost. The total investment for this business opportunity would be under $40,000 and this would include training in West Palm Beach in Florida for 5 days. The company provides you lunches, ground transportation, hotel and airfare for the training. After the completion of training, the company specialists will provide you all the guidance so that you can organize a product launch.

Billboard Connection Inc Franchise Review – The Plus Points

As a franchise owner, there are quite a lot of benefits that you will be able to enjoy. You will be able to operate a business under $40K of investment and would enjoy very low overhead costs. The operating hours are flexible and the start up costs are quite low. This is a home based business so it is quick to start and does not require any rent or employees. Once started, you will be able to enjoy recurring revenue and income. The contacts in the industry would be provided to you by the company.

Support and Training

For any franchise to be successful, one of the most important things required is support and training. One of the best things about Billboard Connection is that it does not require any previous outdoor, sales or advertising experience. However, it would be a plus point if you are good with people. With the help of in-territory and classroom training, the company will provide you all the knowledge and industry tricks required to help you start your business.

As far as marketing assistance is required, the company provides the franchisees professionally made marketing items that will help you increase the visibility of the business instantly. Business cards, letterhead, stationary, direct mail, yellow pages ads and several other advertising materials would be provided by the company.

One drawback with this particular business opportunity is that it operates on a home based office model. While it might be convenient to work from a home office, it does not really portray a professional image for the business. For this reason it may be a little difficult for you to attract high-profile clients. Also due to the current economic climate allot of business are scaling back so you should really look at the competition and need in your area. Consider this point when you evaluate all the pros and cons listed in this Billboard Connection Inc review

By lexutor

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