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Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Cleaning for Profit – A Lucrative Business Opportunity

Cleaning for Profit – A Lucrative Business Opportunity

In today’s world of endless working hours and limited free time, many households felt the need to hire a cleaning business to outsource the cleaning work to. It’s like gifting themselves with free time to spend with their kids and engage more… interesting activities.

At the same time, businesses and other commercial and community establishments, have been looking to outsource their cleaning needs to janitorial companies as the cost of cleaning themselves is rather large compared to that of paying a specialized company to handle the work. This is due to the fact that cleaning businesses have the experience and the equipment to perform professional, high quality cleaning with minimal cost. Which obviously allows them to make a profit as well.

As a result, cleaning businesses make it affordable for others to hire their services. On top of everything else, the quality of work is much higher and businesses certainly like to have their workplaces clean as a clean workplace is proven to increase employee productivity and it’s also vital for making a good impression when meeting with a client indoors.

The increasing demand has created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish and run businesses offering cleaning services. As a result, this type of business is literally booming as we speak. The estimated worth of the market is approaching the 49 billion dollars mark.

Starting a cleaning business is extremely easy, unlike common beliefs for the contrary. It only takes a few steps and the cost is nearly not worth mentioning, if you’re starting a cleaning business from home. Of course, in this case, you’ll be offering a very small number of services to begin with in order to save money from buying expensive equipment.

Nevertheless, if done right, starting a cleaning business from home can be extremely lucrative. To get started, you need to do the following:

1. Come up with a name for your business. It has to be as easy to remember as possible. To be able to draw attention.

2. Go down the local County Clerks Office and register your business for about 40$ (sole proprietor)

3. Get a business bank account. This is required by United States law.

4. Get liability and bonding insurance. You’ll only need to pay as per four or six months for insurance, depending on the state you reside and the insurance company you choose to go with.

5. Get some business cards. It only takes about 30 to 50 dollars to get thousands of these and they’re absolutely mandatory if you want to call yourself a businessman. It’s unthinkable that a client asks you for a business card you don’t have one to provide him with.

That’s it. You’re now practically in business. Obviously, to stand out from the crowd and succeed in this business, you’ll need to learn much more and you’ll need to equip yourself with basic cleaning supplies (those that you don’t already have), a janitorial bidding software, have a logo designed and branded etc. You will definitely have to learn how to get cleaning contracts as it’ll soon become the essence of your cleaning business.

As you’re getting more and more clients, you’ll be able to grow your business and start offering more services. On top of house cleaning, you can do carpet cleaning, window cleaning and of course office cleaning while offering a wide variety of commercial cleaning services.

Always aim high! If you want to know more on how to start a cleaning business, visit our website. We’ve got lots of information and a complete start-up guide.

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