Franchise Reviews: Taking a Look at Fast Teks On-Site Computer Services

By lexutor May 27, 2022

Franchise Reviews: Taking a Look at Fast Teks On-Site Computer Services

On-site computers services..a no-brainer of a business that must generate great returns in an ever growing market segment. After all, over 80% of U.S. households have a computer and most have no idea what to do when the mess of wires, circuit boards and software stop working. Fast Teks is one of the many on-site computer service franchises targeting residential repairs and small business information technology support. This franchise review takes a look at this industry in general and Fast Teks in particular where we discover serious industry cyclical issues that need to be considered before buying into this business.

Yes, there are over 6 million personal computers in the U.S and yes, many of them break, get infected with a virus or need some form of attention every day. That does not, however, translate into a massive demand for professional services starting at $99.00 and often costing much more.

Many of those computers are very old. Most reputable service companies will advise customers that it does not make sense to invest a couple of hundred dollars repairing a machine that is well past its prime. — Slice off a piece of the addressable market.

Replacement costs are low. Low end computers can be purchased at any big box retailer for almost the same price as a modest repair bill. Many prospective repair customers often make the decision to junk the old computer and buy new giving them access to updated operating systems and applications. — There goes another piece of the marketplace pie.

Desktops are disappearing. First laptops, then notebooks, now iPads and smartphones are becoming the technologies of choice for home and small business computing. Many of these devices cannot be repaired by on-site service technicians, and some are seldom targets of the virus infection and subsequent removal which comprises a significant revenue stream for on-site repair businesses. — The pie gets even smaller.

Fast Teks is a successful franchise operation with many satisfied franchisees. An initial investment of less than $20,000 is included in the $34,500 to $60,500 total investment. Royalty fees of 7% on revenues is standard fare for this type of business which does not require a brick and mortar storefront. Owners are not required to have technical expertise, but will have to depend on hired, industry-certified technicians to do the work. Managing employees and employee churn are continuing challenges for the owner that depends solely on hired help.

The success of your franchise business will be directly impacted by the cyclical fundamentals of the business climate that it operates in. Open your eyes to a low investment, potential high return business strategy in one of the worlds fastest growing opportunity areas by visiting .

By lexutor

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