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Papa Murphy’s Franchise Review

By lexutor May4,2022

Papa Murphy’s Franchise Review

Support of a good backing is necessary to start a business and every entrepreneur looks for such an opportunity to ensure success. Papa Murphy’s is a name in pizza industry and rightly called as Best Pizza Chain in America, consistently. The brand image is strong enough to be recognized as the place of getting pizzas. The company was started in 1981as a Take “N’ Bake pizzas. Today, Papa Murphy’s is present in 35 states running more than 1,000 retail stores in the United States.

They have introduced the process of providing one’s own touch to the pizzas. From Papa Murphy’s, you can take all you want to create your own customized pizza and bake it at home as you wish. Pizzas from this company are exclusive, yet top in choicest varieties with a tall menu for the customers to make their selection.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Business

Most of Papa Murphy’s stores you see in the country are franchisee run business. Continuously, a large number of people wanting to own independent business are showing interest to own a Papa Murphy’s retail store. The reason can’t be any different than carrying a celebrated brand to be assured of market. Customers enjoy the experience of seeing their ordered pizza being prepared to carry home and bake finally. The basic principle governing the business of Papa Murphy’s is total customer orientation.

Clear Winning Proposition

New entrepreneurs have an easy situation in going for Papa Murphy’s franchisee. What you need is a strong brand image to expect business right from the day of commencement. This brand is clearly built with that kind of recognition. You need to get in with a low investment due to less involvement of space and labor. Another factor that is of huge benefit to the store owners is limited hours of operation. The customers like to pick up Take “N’ Bake pizzas to home only during dinner time. You do not even need to have a cooking and dining space in the stores.

The newer store arrangements are more customer-friendly with the provision of accepting the online orders and drive-through counter for delivery of pizzas.

Investment Needed For A Papa Murphy’s Franchise Store

The Company goes for a 10-year renewable agreement for a franchise fee of $25,000 with ongoing royalty of 5%. The total investment works out anywhere from $171,655 – $353,225 depending upon the location. Already there are 1,090 retail stores in the country and 16 stores in Canada. The company has identified several new areas in the United States and Canada. Within the United States, the prospect of franchisee retail stores is open in more than a dozen of states.

Franchise Training

There is no involvement of cooking and in-shop dining in Papa Murphy’s retail stores. This makes it easy for you to recognize the ingredients, the proportions, understanding the character of the dough, the toppings and way of packing. You will receive one week training at company headquarters in Vancouver, Washington and have full 5 weeks training at the location.

Marketing Supports

The Company follows a mix of national and regional ads as well as slick ads and cooperative ads. The company also uses a plentiful use of in-shop promotion. The franchisees get direct support from the company through toll-free phone, grand opening, meetings and purchasing co-operatives.

By lexutor

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