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Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Quit Blaming The Food Industry

Quit Blaming The Food Industry

San Francisco may ban toys in fast food children’s meals if the levels of salt, fat or sugar is too high! Banning toys?

I’veA�had enough! Now the authorities are considering banning toys in kids meals if they consider the food unhealthy.A�Whatever happened to responsible parenthood? At what point did it become ok for parents to hand over all of theirA�responsibilitiesA�to restaurants, schools, government, etc, etc, etc??

Childhood obesity is a huge problem in the Western World and yes a lot of the children’s meals available today, (if eaten three times a week) will cause your kids to get fat, be bullied at school and probably be the main contributing factor in them never being able to find a mate and produce other obese kids. Maybe not a bad thing, Darwin’s theory of evolution, etc. A�That’s if they don’t pass away from a heart attack prior to reaching breeding age.

Sorry….. if your kids are fat it is your fault not the food providers. A�Full stop! Learn to say NO! A�Make a happy meal at Micky D’s a treat A�or an occasional thing, not a way to make life easier for yourself or to stop your kids from complaining.

The human body needs fat, salt and even sugar in regulated amounts. Like everything in life moderation is the key to a healthy diet and all kids need regular exercise. A�I am not here to preach but I am sick and tired of governments regulating the end result rather than the cause. If they believe the average parent does not have the brains to give their kids a balanced diet along with regular exercise then take it to the classroom and teach the kids about healthy lifestyles in schools (school cafeteria comes to mind!). If the government wants to disadvantage someone then let it be the parents and not the food providers. After all aren’t the parents supposed to be responsible for their own children?

There are many other ways to get the message out. Pediatricians can play a big part by working with parents before their children have weight issues by encouraging healthy eating habits. An occasional fast food meal will not hurt anyone – parents should make up for it by including fruit, vegetables and milk in the meal choice and in other meals in the day. Parents need to take that on board. Get off the backs of the food industry! When parents do as they should they will vote with their feet and the industry will adapt to the changes accordingly.


By lexutor

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