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Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Recession Proof Business – Is The Internet A Platform For A Recession Proof Business?

Recession Proof Business – Is The Internet A Platform For A Recession Proof Business?

You Are Looking for a Recession Proof Business? Perfect Good Idea!

There IS such a thing as a Recession Proof Business. And we are talking about a SUCCESSFUL recession proof business at that.

We’ve seen the cycle. For about 20 years, our economy builds and builds, and financially, we feel strong as a rock. Then something happens, and the economy takes a nose-dive. People lose their jobs. Families lose their homes. Companies lose everything.

The 80’s Recession.

One recession occurred in the 1980’s. Because of its intense modification to 1970’s overproduction and tight monetary plan, the U.S. experienced the most difficult officially-recognized recession in over a quarter of a century. The recession was nearly over by 1984 in the U.S., with other countries, such as Britain and Ireland still working their way out of it.

The recession our country is in right now has so many components, so many causes, that it’s staggering. Looking back at recessions in the past, there were never so many separate reasons for a recession beginning. Now, most consider this recession one that could endure for as many as five years before employment gets back to a reasonable level and spending by consumers is up again. All of this makes a Recession Proof Business more important than ever.

“Who Moved My Cheese”, a book by Spencer Johnson, MD, pretty much says it all. The main thrust of what he says is that there’s always an opportunity. If you can’t find cheese where it used to be, move. Look for fresh “honey pots”. Not getting the returns that you once got? Start moving, physically or mentally. Look for fresh ways or fresh places.

These are the times to think outside the box. There is no better time than NOW. It is the perfect time to launch a recession proof business!


DESIGN YOUR DESTINY. With your Recession Proof Business, you can make your financial and personal goals a reality. This market is growing by leaps and bounds now and will continue to do so into the future. The internet is a great way if not the only way to move towards building a Recession Proof Business.

Fact: The economy around the world is in a slump, with unemployment reaching record levels in many places. Yet spending on the internet rose in January 2009, by 19 percent over and above spending in January of 2008.

Added to that, experts anticipate a rise of spending on the internet, of 10.7 percent every year. By the year 2011, the internet is expected to have $600 billion (not thousand—billion) a year spent on it. Most online spending is done is the U.S. right now, but China is looking to spend even more online than America by 2010. – A whopping $600,000,000,000 a year!

If it’s not yet clear then perhaps to put it plainly: if you want to succeed and be a part of the internet GOLD MINE then a Recession Proof Business is the logical choice; especially in a market like this. With such incredible amounts of capital being spent over the internet, doors are now opening to Internet Entrepreneurs.

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