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Revive Energy Franchise Review – Things to Know Before You Get Involved

Revive Energy Franchise Review – Things to Know Before You Get Involved

The franchise market is an interesting way to make money. The idea of selling another company’s product is not a new one, but there are some new tricks and concepts that are used by the internet marketers of our day. The invent of the internet has created a gold mine for the marketer. No longer do you need to have an inventory or put up a lot of money to start. This is one of those opportunities.

The Revive Mint Distributorship Program is planned for the entrepreneur who wants the freedom that owning your own business can supply. Revive Mints provides an individual coach to help guide you and assist you to make the most of your line of work. Revive Mints comprises a proprietary healthy Power blend that appeals to all kinds of customers including athletes, pros, and regular men and women looking for an energy raise to increase their intellectual and physical performance. Revive Mints includes the same Energy lift as a leading Energy drink and are packed with the antioxidant superfoods acai berry, goji berry and mangosteen.

There is a lot of talk and buzz about Revive Energy Mints. Revive Franchising is an opportunity that offers discount rights to their flagship good Revive Energy mints. Franchisees get wholesale rights, 25 custom Revive vending machines and other instruments and education to help their particular needs to cultivate their business.

Ryan Russo and Logan Chierotti, founders of Rylo Products, LLC and Revive Energy Mints took a new approach to marketing that allowed others to profit as well.. Revive started hunting for qualified distributors in different regions to represent their company and their product. All distributors would be provided with Custom Revive vending machines, retail displays, merchandising materials, education and much more. With the relentless success of their distributor program, Revive begun to offer franchises as a way to offering more assistance and customer service. In 2008 Chierotti and Russo announced they had accomplished the development of Revive Energy Mints, a healthy Energy candy that would revolutionize the market.

In March of 2010, Revive commenced Revive Franchising, LLC to start selling franchises to men and women who were interested in selling with the Revive Energy Mint opportunity. In April of 2010, Chierotti and Russo enrolled in the CFE program to broaden their overall knowledge of franchising

Revive has an A rating with the BBB and zero complaints, which is a great first sign. They are registered in all the states they seem to sell in as a franchise and direct out a complete 150 page franchise disclosure document, otherwise better-known as an FDD.

What is enclosed in the Revive business?

• Business Plan

• Personal Coach

• Vending Machines

• Retail displays

• Marketing Materials

• National Advertising

• Business Cards

This affiliate opportunity looks to be a good offer. We did not inter the program, but have not been able to find anything negative about the company, the owners, or the opportunity. You will need to use caution, as you would with any franchise opportunity. Take the time to complete your due diligence before you get involved with anything. You must be sure that it is a good fit for you.

The most important aspect to any affiliate program is the advertising program you use to promote it. There are a lot of ways to get the traffic you want to this type of program and you need to master a few of them to succeed. A marketing and mentoring program can get you started on the path to success. You will do much better if you have someone who you can cal and ask the questions that will come up.

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