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Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Rocky Point Real Estate Poised For Growth

Rocky Point Real Estate Poised For Growth

Located on the Mexico mainland and on the coast of the Sea of Cortez to the North, lies the scenic city of Rocky Point. This City is also called Puerto Penasco and is referred to as “Arizona’s Beach”. It’s a convenient 3 and half hours of road trip from from Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona. There are numerous shuttles buses & coaches and car rentals that one can avail of. Every year, thousands of Arizonans enjoy relaxing on the beach and fresh seafood like fish and shrimps.

Over last few years, Rocky Point has become a well known resort destination very popular with tourists from USA. In fact, people more often than not fall in love with Rocky Point the first time they visit it and end up buying a second home there. Not only does a vacation homes in rocky point provide a convenience to vacation as per your choice but also give a steady income. Most of the owners place their condos into the rental pool and enjoyed rental income. Due to high tourists arrivals in Rocky point most of the times, owners were receiving a steady stream of rental revenue. They could enjoy best of both worlds enjoy short seaside vacations as well get rental income.

Due to this surge in popularity, more and more people started investing in a vacation home in Rocky point. This buying frenzy resulted in upward spiraling of the prices of Real Estate in Puerto Penasco (Rocky point).

But due to the recent economical downturn, passport requirements, and misinformation campaign in US media of Mexico, the tourist numbers dwindled to very low levels. This resulted in a buyer’s market. For savvy real estate investors and people who plan for long term, this is a god send opportunity to buy a beachfront vacation home so near to Arizona. This is the perfect time when buyers now have an opportunity to acquire a vacation beach home at very low prices. The opportunities for investors or anyone to acquire property at low prices, and buying for the future are abound.

Even though, the tourist numbers is very low right now, the city is putting up a brave front by hosting a variety of events like The Taste of Penasco, Iron Chef competition, Carnival and Mardi Gras, The Chili Cook-Off, Shrimp Festival, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers concerts, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Mexico Independence Day celebrations, Day of the Dead celebrations to attract & engage locals and international tourists. Unlike earlier times, when Rocky point’s beaches used to be crowded, nowadays, a tourist can enjoy sunset all by himself.

But now, with USA economy recovering well, the trend is starting to reverse. Positive steps like opening of the new coastal highway which means reduced travel time from Southern California will surely boost tourism in Mexico. New international airport is open ready for the airlines to arrive which will raise the international profile of Rocky point.

All this signals that Rocky Point is poised for growth in near future!

Author: Donna Nocero

By lexutor

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