3 Fun Things to Do With Your Six-Year-Old

By lexutor Oct19,2022

3 Fun Things to Do With Your Six-Year-Old

You want to spend quality time with your six-year-old before they grow up and decide their time is best spent with anyone but mom and dad. The problem is it seems they are only concerned with video games and perhaps texting their friends. These pastimes are becoming hobbies for children at younger and younger ages, but you don’t have to give up and allow those negative influences to crowd out your bonding time with your child.

Following are just three fun things that you can do with your six-year-old right now. This is the perfect age to connect with them and let them see that you are a cool parent who wants to be present for them.

#1: Enjoy an early childhood musical program together.

Yes, that says “early childhood” musical program. Many parents assume that their children are too old for this type of programming, but most actually stop at the age of seven. That means you have one more year to enjoy the art of music along with your child.

If you think your child doesn’t have any musical ability, ask yourself what chance you have really given them to display any ability that they may have. If they were a natural born dancer or violinist or opera singer, would you know it right now? Probably not, unless you are already enjoy music with your little one.

Musical programs designed just for children seven and under give children a safe, fun environment to enjoy music of all varieties. They are exposed to different styles of music as well as a large array of musical instruments. They are also encouraged to move their bodies and show the effect that music has on them naturally.

#2: Get outdoors and explore sports for every season.

There is always an outdoor sport that can be enjoyed. A six-year-old is big enough to play around with the bunny hills at a ski resort or head down the sidewalk on a scooter or skateboard. With you by their side to keep the scraped knees and boo-boos to a minimum, you will share lots of laughs and smiles while experimenting with different sports.

This is also great exercise for you as a parent. This is a great way to role model an active lifestyle to your child right from this young age.

#3: Make your own music video or music.

Make use of the musical skills you both pick up through the early childhood musical program and create your own music video or movie. You can be the stars of the show and your child can put their creativity on the line as you come up with the storyline or write your own song. Everyday items from around the house can become the props and sets so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this.

Try getting your child’s friends in on the action and you can have a more ambitious video or movie to develop over time. This is one project that could bond you to your child for an entire weekend or possibly a series of weekends.

What other creative things can you do with your six-year-old today? This is a great age to strengthen the bond before they are too old to hang out with you every weekend. Make the most of this time as you will miss it one day!

By lexutor

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