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Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Avoiding Credit Card Debt Today

Avoiding Credit Card Debt Today

Almost everyone who has ever owned a credit card knows what it is like to begin at one interest rate only to find it can change on a daily basis. In the past, the process was fairly simple. You signed up for a credit card and were told you could receive a specific interest rate. As you used the card to purchase items, you watched your interest accrue, but you were only charged the rate you were given. This is no longer the case with some credit card companies. Now when you sign up, you may be subjected to the continuous changing of interest rates as they may rise and fall on a daily basis.

It is, in fact, not uncommon to begin paying on a credit card, only to find the amount you still owe is only continuing to rise. This may serve as a great source of confusion for many and can even go unnoticed for quite some time until the level has risen to an alarming rate.

While this may sound a bit exaggerated, the truth is interest rates are proving to be a problem for some who are unable to pay on the amounts each month. What, in effect, takes place is the interest is paid on and the principle does not move. This causes people to go further and further into debt. Now think of how many credit cards many people actually own. If you multiply the interest by two, three, four or even five, the amount becomes astounding. That is why so many people are finding it necessary to consolidate card bills. So what is the answer? Read on to find out.

One of the best ways to cut down on card usage is to only have one, maybe two for emergencies. Only use your credit card once or twice a month and only place large purchases on it when absolutely necessary.

To compensate for this, you may also want to consider using a debit card in place of a credit card for regular purchases. Often times debit cards can be used as credit purchasing cards, but the positive here is the money is debited from a bank account, not charged to credit. Using the debit card will cut down on the usage of the actual credit card and will mean you only purchase items with money that is actually in your account.

There are many Christian sources that will provide you the great advice and wisdom that will enable you to learn how to manage your card debt, or even how to avoid it altogether. This will be invaluable information that can be useful to persons of all ages. It is important to teach young people the treachery of the misuse of cards and what can happen when debt begins to pile up. Though the Bible-based wisdom in such e-books and books, teens and adults can learn how to better manage all aspects of personal finance and can move on toward a more prosperous future.

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