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Beauty Tips That Seduce – Achieve a Sexy Look in a Few Simple Steps

By lexutor Sep1,2022

Beauty Tips That Seduce – Achieve a Sexy Look in a Few Simple Steps

Changing your look is as simple as you make it. Achieve a sexy look with these beauty tips; darkening the eyes, adding clear lip gloss, wearing gold around the eyes, making lashes fuller, creating a natural blush on cheeks, and volumizing your tresses.

Follow these beauty tips for a smoking hot look that is sure to seduce.

Darkening the eyes

Add a classy touch of seduction by using a deep purple, deep grey or even a deep bronze to the eyes. Create a bold, sexy look by applying the eye shadow or eyeliner close to the lash line on top and bottom. This makes the eyes look dramatic and gives you a sexy allure.

Golden highlights

Next, highlight your eyes and cheekbones by adding a gold bronzer or shimmer at the temple of the head. Adding warm tones, like gold, you give your face a natural glow and inviting look.

Bonus Tip

Most women apply eye shadow first, but according to the experts, starting with eyeliner helps the look last longer. Close your eyes and line the upper lash line. Apply the liner in such a manner that there remains no gap between your lashes and the line. For mastering this trend, you must apply the liner to become part of your lashes, not circling the eye. Use your fingertip to smudge it in.

Clear lip gloss

A definite trend and welcomed by men is clear lip gloss. Guys prefer not to wear your chosen lip color so opt for clear gloss when freshening your pout!

Volumized tresses

The last tip to master for creating a sexy look is volumized hair! Wash and dry as normal. Now hair is ready to be styled. Create lots of volume by spraying the roots with hairspray. Section hair in six ways (top; middle; underneath and from side to side). Do not make exact parts as you want this to be a sexy, natural look. After spraying the roots, let dry. Then move and place pieces where you want them. Whether you are leaving your hair down for a natural look or pinning it up, style hair and respray for a finished look.

IMPORTANT: Beautiful Complexion

Makeup brushes gather bacteria that can transfer onto your skin causing pimples and blackheads so it is crucial to keep them clean. A quick and easy way to clean your makeup brushes is to use baby wipes.

Staying beautiful and attractive takes work, for sure, but keeping your skin clear is one of the simplest ways to ensure great skin and that youthful glow. Make sure your hands are clean before touching your face to avoid transferring additional bacteria. To keep face extra clean and exfoliated, gently massage cleanser into your face, leaving it on for a few seconds to dissolve impurities. Then rinse away with cool water to eliminate excess cleanser and boost circulation. Pat dry with a soft towel.

LAST: Power of Plum

One last beauty tip is Go bold with a plum lipstick. you want something more subtle, opt for a plum gloss. Deep plum lip glosses are amazingly stunning on many skin tones. Choose a flattering nude that is slightly pink or splashed with shimmer to add shine over the plum hue.

By lexutor

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