Business to Business: Before You Think Of A Franchise, Consider This For a New Business

By lexutor May 1, 2022

Business to Business: Before You Think Of A Franchise, Consider This For a New Business

The concept of franchising has long been around: to a hopeful entrepreneur, franchising is the safer option with a tested and proven business plan, like a business in a box. However, this tested and proven business system does not come cheap – a franchise can cost from several thousands of dollars to tens and even several hundred thousands of dollars, and this makes it virtually impossible for many. So, want a franchise without the costly start-up capital? Try affiliate marketing, it is like a business franchise but with several advantages.

Both traditional business franchising and this “internet franchising” have one common thread: riding on tested and proven products. But that is where the similarity ends. Here are the reasons why internet franchising is a more viable option as a new business for the hopeful entrepreneur:


A traditional business franchise requires a huge start-up capital, while internet franchising requires significantly less, almost none. With an internet business, you just need a computer, an internet connection, maybe invest on a program or software but still at a significantly lower cost. Risk is thus significantly low with an internet business.

Business Operations and Maintenance:

Traditional franchising requires a lot of investment of your time. Earning goes on while the brick-and-mortar shop is open. While an internet business will also require a certain amount of time spent, a lot of this internet business software is set and forget – you leave it on the web and it can earn on autopilot, 24/7, even while you sleep. And with more time in your hands, it allows a considerable amount of time freedom offering a better quality of life.

Reach of Business:

Traditional franchise is limited to geographical location; an internet business is practically global in reach.

Dynamics of the Business:

With traditional franchising, you are bound to a certain product and to a certain period of contract, while an internet business allows you to choose and “change the game” of the business or “niche” you participate in, allowing you to respond according to trends of the market. And with the wealth of information on the internet, responding quickly to market trends can be very dynamic. With 2 billion internet users depending more and more on the net to search and shop for products, the business potential is becoming increasingly appealing.

All these factors – low capital, low-risk, low maintenance, better business operations and reach, plus the dynamism of the business – point to the very important bottom-line: business to business, internet franchising is a win-win situation hands down: huge earning potential, reaching global and earning 24 /7. It’s all a matter of being able to choose which internet business to franchise. With the wealth of information available on the net, plus tons of free advice and tips, succeeding online is very much within the reach of the hopeful entrepreneur.

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