Doubletree Hotels, Suites, Resort – Franchise Review

By lexutor Oct 24, 2022

Doubletree Hotels, Suites, Resort – Franchise Review

Almost every region in the world has a Doubletree hotel outlet. Doubletree is a global brand of executive full service hotels and resorts. They exist as different brands with brand names; Doubletree Hotels, Doubletree Guest Suite and Double tree Resorts. Outside the USA, they are mainly known as Double tree by Hilton. The expansion of Doubletree is happening rather quickly and a Doubletree is sprouting every year in all regions of the world.

Doubletree by Hilton has its hotels in over 76 different countries and so far it has more than 530 hotels and resort distributed across the countries. The hotel chain fuses comfort and convenience in every hotel it has. Every experience in a Doubletree is a lifetime moment.

The Hotels are strategically placed in exit and entrance areas of countries. Their interactive official franchise website has a hotel locator that will help you find the nearest double tree hotel from your location. Many of the hotels are near airports, train stations docks and busy cities.

Despite their locations in busy areas, their rooms and facilities provide an environment that will make you relax and forget the everyday hussle and bussle. The hotels are recommended for business and vacationers.

The hotels offer tech end telecommunications facilities to ensure that you stay in touch with your office or home. They provide high-speed internet in each of their rooms. Their conference hall has state of the art teleconferencing facilities and VOIP services. They also have high quality audio and visual equipments integrated into a public address system for its conference customers. Many describe the Doubletree hotels as home away from home.

Their meals are extraordinary. They prepare local food of the communities where there are located but you can still eat your native food as if you still at home. Many of the hotel outlets have teamed up with Starbucks to bring you the best coffee in the world. They spare no effort in developing world class dining facilities, a trademark for the brand

With over the 250 chains and 60,000 rooms, this is a reliable franchise. The franchise cost depends on the number of rooms the franchisee plans to have in the prospective hotel. $75,000 is the minimum price for Doubletree guest suites for the first 250 rooms. Each additional room is an extra $300. Other fees include the monthly royalty fee of 5% of the revenue of each room and a monthly program fee of 4% of room revenue. The minimum investment range is $24,500,000 to $40,000,000 depending on the region. They offer a 10 year contract and a renewal based on the initial franchise fee.

The franchise has been active since 1969 and has a proven track record, strong financials and a sound business model.

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