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Green Cleaning Tips and Its Importance

By lexutor Feb25,2023

Green Cleaning Tips and Its Importance

A clean house doesn’t equal a healthy house if the products you use are toxic. Often, the most effective detergents, cleansers and soaps for keeping ones home spotless are loaded with chemicals that maybe harmful to your family and pets. Phosphates, bleach, artificial fragrances and pesticides not take a long-term toll on the environment, they may cause allergic reactions, be poisonous if ingested and noxious if inhaled. Long-term exposure to such chemicals can have more insidious effect including harming one’s liver and lungs.

Fortunately, increased environmental awareness – and consumer sensitivity – has resulted in a host of green cleaning products made by popular green brands such as Seventh Generation and Method that are easy to find at your local grocery store. Popular liquid soap maker Dr. Bronner’s has been making affordable, organic soap for more than 60 years. Even Safeway has debuted an environmentally friendly cleaning line “Bright Green.”

Whatever the brand you choose to buy, its important to read ingredient lists. Look for essential oils, citrus, If a cleaning agent doesn’t have a full list, beware that the brand maybe avoiding full disclosure for a good reason. When in doubt, shop around.

Likewise, you might even look into making your own cleaning supplies. You can assemble your own non-toxic cleaning agents with items you may already have on hand, including vinegar, baking soda, and liquid soap. Add to that list sodium carbonate, lemon juice, essential oils such as lavender, clove and tee tree oil and you’ll be armed to disinfect, cut grease, and kill mold… and both smell and feel good while doing so.

By lexutor

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