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Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

How to Become an Edible Arrangements Business Franchise Owner

How to Become an Edible Arrangements Business Franchise Owner

If you are interested in running a business that will be focused on delivering quality edible arrangements then you can become a franchise owner. For this you can also enjoy professional training and marketing to be able to carry forward your business in the best possible way. Edible Arrangements is well known for its fresh fruits that are arranged in different floral designs. If you like the kind of business and want to have a fruitful business in the food industry, then the company is offering very good franchise opportunities. The company has been around since 1999 while its franchising started in 2000. Here is how to become an edible arrangements franchise owner.

The company is on the lookout for young energetic franchises from all over the globe. It is in search of potential people as franchises with a net worth of 250,000 dollars and liquid cash worth 60,000 dollars. There are a few qualifications needed for this. The person should have some knowledge in preparing food and arrange flowers in a decorative manner. If you have a culinary exposure than it is an added advantage. The total amount required for investment could be something between 147,000 – 310,000 dollars which does not include the 25,000 dollars franchise fee. The company will cut 5% royalty fee from the annual income of the franchise. When compared to other businesses this amount is very small. Within about 2 years of starting the business, you will be able to earn at least half of the allotted assets for a franchise. You can be rest assured about this because many owners have many units in their name which clearly states that the business is prosperous.

The company will provide you with proper training and all kinds of support which can be obtained from the company’s headquarters. They also have on the job training for some of the new joiners. The company may also give you a variety of options for advertisement purposes. There are other kinds of advertising that include newsletters, emails etc. Other advertising strategies like corporate advertising will also be used by the company for more effective publicity and reaching the audience in a faster way. The advertisements could use mediums like the print and the electronic as well as regional advertising.

If you really interested in this kind of business and if you feel that you can satisfy the above given requirements then it is easy for you to become a franchise owner.

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