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Selecting and Caring For a Large Wool Area Rug

By lexutor Jan30,2023

Selecting and Caring For a Large Wool Area Rug

Are you in the market for a large wool area rug for you home and just do not quite know what to get? An area rug can add beauty to your home and make a room more comfortable. However, if you choose the wrong size, design, shape, or color it can have very negative effects on a room. Before selecting a large wool area rug, think about what you want it to do for the particular room you are improving. How do you want to room to feel and look? This is very important before purchasing such an important decorating item.

Selection and Area Rug Cleaning

Large area rugs provide a formal look and feel when used in a big room. If the rug covers the entire floor, it can make the room feel more comfortable and warm. When you are decorating a family room, a rug that leaves a little of the floor showing to provide a frame is best. Measuring the size of the room can help you better determine the exact size needed for your decorating goals. The pattern should provide a pleasant visual appeal and add perception to the room. Rug design is an expression of how you perceive things and your tastes. Rooms can be decorated with multiple patterns as long as they match in color and overall design. Patterns are better for rooms where stains are more likely due to children or pets. Stains that are not removable do not show as well on patterned d?�cor. The decorating purpose and style will determine the shape needed. Round and non-conventional sized rugs can reduce the affects of a room that has many angles. Take into account the design of the room and what shapes will add to it and provide more balance. Color directly influences mood and you must be careful when selecting. The type of rug will also determine the area rug cleaning needed to keep it protected. Area rug cleaning is vital to retain strength and durability.

Use a Professional Rug Cleaning Company to Keep Your Rug Looking Amazing

The weave of the rug determines price and durability. Tighter weaves cost more but will keep their shape and last longer. A higher end rug will be hand woven and not made by machine. Once you have picked the right rug for your room, you must take care of it properly. Large area rugs need to be cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company every one to two years. This process removes all dirt that has gotten deep in the fibers. If you do not have your rug cleaned, it will begin to break down and not be as beautiful and strong. Sunlight is not good for hand woven rugs and will cause them to fade. Protect your rug by using curtains, rotating it, or using other methods to keep it out of direct sunlight. Vacuum it every week and consult a rug cleaning company whenever spills or damage occur. This will ensure that all the hard work you put into finding the perfect rug is not wasted and that it remains as a decorative item in your home.

By lexutor

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