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Six Steps to Lawn Maintenance

By lexutor Apr23,2022

Six Steps to Lawn Maintenance

When looking at lawn maintenance there are six key steps to take. These steps will help to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Step 1: When mowing grass one should remember that the grass should be no longer than 7.62 cm high. During certain seasons you may be required to be more active in your lawn maintenance then in other seasons. For example spring time your grass may grow more quickly than in the summer time.

Step 2: It is important to aerate your lawn during the fall and spring seasons. When you aerate the soil you are making it a better quality of soil. This will also help to reduce soil compaction. Lawn maintenance can be hard but when thinking of skipping a step you may see the bad effect it can have on your lawn. Aerate the lawn helps the grass to absorb water and nutrients better as well as helps to eliminate thatch build up.

Step 3: The best time to fertilize grass to keep it healthy would be in the spring and in the fall. When trying to achieve the highest lawn maintenance you want to use a fertilizer that has a slow release to it. This will allow your lawn to stay greener for longer.

Step 4: During the summer months you will want to test your soil. The way to test your soil for grubs is to take a 0.09 square meter section of grass and lift it up with a spade or shovel and count the number of insects that are underneath. When counting the insects five or more would indicate that you should treat your lawn with a grub treatment. Remember with any lawn maintenance product read and follow instructions carefully.

Step 5: The next important step one needs to remember in lawn maintenance is stay on top of weeds. There are many products out there that work to kill and prevent the growth of weeds. Read the instructions carefully and make sure that you do not over or under use product.

Step 6: Make sure that your lawn receives at least 2.5 cm of water every week to keep the healthy look you have worked so hard for. Over watering can cause as many problems as under watering can.

These six steps in lawn maintenance should keep your lawn healthy and gorgeous. For those out there that always wanted to work on lawns full time there are still a few franchise opportunities available at lowered lawns.

By lexutor

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