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The Franchise Industry and Fast Food Tax Implications Considered

By lexutor Jul16,2022

The Franchise Industry and Fast Food Tax Implications Considered

As soon as we have universal healthcare, and or universal health care insurance there will be more people going to the doctor for more hypochondriac reasons than ever before. This will cause shortages in our health care system, and lines. Due to supply and demand it will also raise the price to an unbelievable level, which is unacceptable and unsustainable.

Once we go down this path we will have to have price controls. Once we do that, those who work in the healthcare industry will quit because they can make more money doing something else. What most people don’t understand is that socialism doesn’t work. No matter how many times it is played, history always has shown that socialism is a dead end. But it gets much worse when it comes to health care.

With the supply and demand issues, some people will have to be denied health care so others can have it, our federal budget will not be able to pay for it all. So they will have to raise taxes, something that citizens hate and often use as a reason to rebel and revolt against the government.

So, our government will attempt to place taxes on those things that they “believe” cause health issues. Notice, I used the word “believe” because our Congress can label anything a healthcare risk, and thus, tax the crap out of it. Thus, it will be based on politics not necessarily on reality.

It is interesting that the long lines in our health care have not even started yet, but they are trying to figure out a way to pay for all the promises they are making to the American people for this elusive universal healthcare plan. They have discussed putting very high taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and even the types of food which are “believed” to make some people overweight.

Yes, that means the fast food industry. Now, I don’t know what you know about the fast food industry, but let me tell you that Ray Kroc of McDonald’s created 20,000 millionaires due to all the McDonald’s franchised outlets. Those are small businesses and each one employs 20 to 45 people each in the United States.

What you may not understand is some of the most profitable franchises are indeed fast food restaurants, or QSRs Quick Service Restaurants. And did you know that the franchising industry accounts for one-third of every consumer dollar spent in our GDP. If we crush the fast food franchise industry, we will be hurting our economy, and we will have less tax revenue overall to pay for Medicare, Social Security, and the universal health care plan that President Obama is sponsoring.

This is an economic disaster waiting to happen, promised to you by someone who doesn’t understand the implications of what they are doing, or the unintended consequences they are creating. Please consider all this.

By lexutor

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