Why Do Franchise Attorneys Appear So Arrogant?

By lexutor May 24, 2022

Why Do Franchise Attorneys Appear So Arrogant?

One of the biggest complaints with franchise buyers, franchisees, and even franchisors is that the attorneys in the industry are overly self-confident, and often appear to be arrogant. As a former franchisor founder, one who had to build their business up for 15-years before the business model was perfect in order to franchise, I had a lot of animosity with regards to lawyers to begin with. After I started franchising and took a good look at the franchise attorneys out there, and felt as if I was proving myself correct.

Now, there are lots of lawyer jokes, and there’s no need to get into that now. Nevertheless, there is a reason that most franchise attorneys appear so arrogant. You see, it is a very specialty niche, and there are not very many people who specialize in franchising at the higher levels. These attorneys in the franchising world are extremely intelligent, and smart. No, they are not anywhere near as smart as a franchisor founder, not even close. Indeed, as I recall I’ve had to rewrite some of their work from time to time.

However, they are a lot smarter than many of the vendors in the industry, and as smart or smarter than most of the 30 year franchising consultants that I’ve run across. It’s good to have a self-confident franchise attorney, but you must also remember that many of these attorneys in the industry hide information, which is not readily available to non-attorneys, thus, making themselves more valuable.

With the incessant rules and regulations on franchising, and it is truly insane, you are going to need a superstar franchise lawyer if you are a franchisee with a dispute, or a franchisor starting out. Due to the massive amounts of litigation that go on in this industry, it makes sense to higher the most intelligent, self-confident, and yes, arrogant lawyer you can find.

Some say the franchising industry has been hijacked by lawyers, and I tend to agree with that, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them terrorists of the industry, as many do. Rather, what I’d say is that if we could reduce the amount of litigation in the industry, and remove some of the regulations then franchising could actually be the saving grace of our economy.

In any case, if you’re asking yourself why you get the attitude in the industry from the lawyers, these are the reasons. So please consider all this. Indeed, If you are a lawyer in this industry and cannot handle this article, I’d ask that you go look in your mirror and I asked you to change your ways; if you can?

By lexutor

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