Bizzibiz Franchise Review

By lexutor Mar 6, 2023

Bizzibiz Franchise Review

Bizzibiz Franchise was launched in January of 2011 and is the creation of serial entrepreneur Jim Piccolo. It was created as a one stop solution to helping small to medium sized businesses get noticed by means of a web presence. As there are over 30 million small businesses in the USA alone and over 500,000 start up businesses new each year, there is a never ending supply of potential customers who need to get themselves noticed.

For a fee, the client can put their business in the hands of Bizzibiz Franchise who will give the client’s company a digital presence by means of web sites, data analysis, social media optimization, email marketing and SMS marketing to name but a few. The main ethos is to bring more customers to the client.

Running alongside of this there is also a Bizzibiz Franchise opportunity. To become a franchisee there are various levels of investment ranging from $18,025 through to $29,900. The price includes full training and training fees, computer software and hardware, and 3 months working capital.

The supposed benefits are that you don’t need any working equipment other than a computer. The business itself is totally scalable meaning that you can earn as much as you like with no limits. There are no ongoing advertising fees and also no exclusive territories, meaning that customers can pitch to any small business within the USA.

On the whole there seems to be an endless supply of potential customers as more and more businesses are switching online. The start up costs are reasonably inexpensive when you compare it to a “bricks and mortar” franchise arrangement. It is something that you can work on as little or as much as you like and it can be done from home to fit around you and your family. So potentially depending on how good you are at marketing, a Bizzibiz Franchise could be a potential goldmine. However like any business, make sure you do your homework first.

By lexutor

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